Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day 6

Day 6 had me at physical medicine and rehab. All things considered it went well. He pulled up my neck MRI and he was able to tell me that the reason my neck bones are straight instead of in a curve is because of muscle spasms. He was also able to tell me that pain and tingling in the hands and arms can also come as a result of muscle spasms. He is pretty sure that with some physical therapy, education and exercises I can improve the neck pain and spasm episodes.

Obviously I won't be getting the prescribed physical therapy from Mayo so he was able to at least provide some directions for finding a good physical therapist out in Virginia. Sounds like it will still be a bit of a hunt initially.

I'm relieved to have a plan of action for at least one of the issues involved in my pain story. Feels like so much of my time here has been centered around the lack of timely access to a jaw specialist. For that reason today felt more productive than the others.

I also had a short conversation with him about THE doc who I can't see about my jaw. He basically said the same annoying thing that everyone else has - "oh yeah, he's the guy."


  1. Maybe they should hire more than one "he's the guy" hmmm?? An assistant maybe? I guess tho you want to see the best sometimes you have to wait. sigh. Good luck with the physical therapy - but what if your jaw problem is what is causing the muscle spasms???

  2. Good information and some positives. Cheers!

  3. Sorry the golden doctor is still unavailable. I can tell you are frustrated to no end.

    Plus I get miffed about the whole "patient perception" thing you mentioned, not at you but the doctors. They really aren't the best judges of character and they certainly are blind to the roadblocks they throw up that make us want demand more action on their part, aren't they?

    Is there a social worker there that you can grumble to and might be able to help??? Just a thought, because if I worked there I'd help you! ;-)

    Wondering if thoracic outlet syndrome fits? It is not a very common diagnosis and you really have to see someone who specializes in it to get a proper diagnosis. Just happened to hook up with a neurologist here in L.A. who is familiar with it. I had no idea that was part of my problem. BTW, it is strongly linked to TMJ...

    When do you head home?