Sunday, July 18, 2010

Gap Body Blues

I took a quick trip up to the Mall of America this afternoon. I've been wanting to get a couple things and since there is no tax on clothing in Minnesota this was the perfect time. Specifically I wanted to go to the Gap Body for some underwear and bras. Their bras fit me better than any other I've ever tried. Despite the prevalence of Gaps across the country the Gap Body stores are harder to come by.

I popped in a few of my favorite stores like H&M, Old Navy, Saphora, and then it was on to the Gap and Gap Body. The Gap was right where I remembered it, but the Gap Body that used to be right next door is now a Gap Kids. Apparently they are working on a big renovation project and so everything has been downsized and crammed into this one small store. The only Gap Body presence was a small table of underwear until October when the renovations are set to be complete.

Silly as it may sound, I'm pretty bummed about this. There are a couple Gap Body stores within an hour of our apartment back home, but they are REALLY hard to get to and you have to pay to park and taxes of course.

This trip was not a total loss as I was able to find a couple other things I wanted to get. Between the loud music, mall air, bright lights and crowds I managed to get a pretty intense migraine.

I don't know that I really have much of a point here. The migraine fog has been with me most of the day and I guess I just wanted to do a post about something other than my Mayo appointments before they pick up again tomorrow.


  1. There is a place called 'The Mall of America'??? Good Grief!

  2. What about ordering online? Sometimes that's a great way to fill the void. Sorry for the disappointment. Sometimes the little things drive me over the edge, too. We're already putting up with so much.

  3. Sometimes it's good to let loose and just ramble! I know I do it all the time! I wish we didn't have tax on clothing here in Florida!!!! Geez...lucky Minnesotians. I am dying to hear about your upcoming Mayo visits. I was so bummed I couldn't get there. Amazing they don't take Aetna! It was $600 cash for me just to get a consult, so I went the avenue I'm on now. Best wishes!!!

  4. Camp Snoopy would be a little much on a good day, and on a bad day - ouch! Hope today is a better day!

  5. I don't know that any other states do this... but in Minnesota there is no sales tax on necessities like food and clothes. Somehow MN has fewer taxes but ranks high in education, health care and social programs.

    Jessica, I'm sorry Mayo didn't take your insurance. I hope your current avenue is helping.

    I learned that Camp Snoopy lost the rights to the peanuts characters and so has been renamed - I've already forgotten what the new name is. In my head it will always be Camp Snoopy :)