Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 2

Day 2: I was up bright and early ready to spend the day waiting. By 7:15 am a migraine was quickly taking hold and I realized I had forgotten my rescue medications. ARG! I sat there watching the clock, looking pretty pathetic and miserable (which I was). After 3 hours I was called up to the desk and informed that there was a cancellation for Thursday - would I like to have that appointment. Um, let me think, YES!

I don't know if they took pity on me sitting out there clearly in pain, or if it was just very good luck but I am SO HAPPY that I no longer have to sit in that waiting room! I went back to my mom's house, had some food, took my meds and slept for a few hours.

Back on track I'm feeling pretty relieved. Now maybe I can do something fun tomorrow before my appointments pick up again on Thursday. Yes, some fun would do me good about now.