Friday, October 1, 2010

A Girl Has Gotta Do

Welcome October! So very happy you are finally here!

As you know my husband and I spent a good part of September emptying our storage unit, downsizing and reorganizing our 1 bedroom. We finally got the last of it out yesterday evening just before the storage unit office closed. We have officially shoe horned everything we really wanted to keep into our small apartment. To do so we have given up a good amount of floor space, which now looks a lot like the storage unit did (stacked boxes and such).

While it feels good to have all the stuff moved there is still quite a bit left to organize. I don't so much mind that our space is smaller or that the aesthetic has changed but after 3 weeks of moving stuff in, sorting, reorganizing and such our apartment has been in a constant state of disarray, which is starting to really bother me. When my space is cluttered and disorganized I feel that way internally. I'm not feeling well so I'm having a tough time trying to get to these smaller organizing tasks done.

There isn't much I can do about it. The tasks will wait until I can get them done. I'll continue to make slow progress and do what I can when I can. In the meantime, to counteract the internal stress of the undone mess, I did what every other woman would do - I cut my hair.

It feels great even though I don't.


  1. Good luck with the reorganizing!

  2. I'm ready to have a few inches taken off, too. My hair is easier to deal with about shoulder length. You saw what a mess it was in the hospital! It's time! Now I just need to feel well enough to go do it. Take your time organizing. Rome wasn't built in a day.

  3. How do they do it on that show Small Spaces?? I'm no good - I sometimes wish I could just add a wing to the house to just store my JUNK!!! Hoping the headache behaves this weekend...

  4. You sound like me! I feel like I can't breathe when my house is cluttered. It physically makes me ill. you have a great opportunity to throw unused things away! Remember...if you haven't used it in a year...toss it! =)

  5. Wow. That's a huge job to organize all that stuff. Someone recently said somewhere (sorry, can't remember where I heard it) - "If it is neither useful nor beautiful to you, it can go to someone who might find it to be either."