Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let's Try This Again

This week is a bit crazy - well for me. I saw my neurologist yesterday. We're going to try yet another preventative. I haven't had a new drug to try in a while so this should be interesting. It's another take at bedtime, may make you drowsy kind of drugs. I've been sleeping so very well since I started taking bedtime drugs - so unusually well that I often wonder if I could still manage without them.

Then I had PT this afternoon. It's been 30 days since I started so it was time for a reevaluate. Sounds like things are improving yet there is still progress to be made. When we started she told me that I had an excessive range of motion in my neck and a really tight thoracic spine. The spine is loosening and as that has happened the range of motion actually got even more excessive.

Tomorrow I will finally get to the maxillofacial surgeon. I know I said as much last week just before getting the cancellation call from his office. This time it should actually happen. I've prepared my disk and radiologist report along with directions to the hospital he's at. I even packed a book in the extremely unlikely event that we arrive early. The only thing that could stand in my way now is the rain in the morning forecast. Traffic here doesn't need much of a reason to turn from bad to a nightmare. Rain always creates a nightmare here and there is a chance it will be falling during the morning commute. DC traffic sucks!


  1. Good luck with your specialist appointment. Crossing my fingers my toes and my eyes in hopes it may be a fixable "reason" for it all!!

  2. I hope you get the help you need. Good luck with the new meds. DC traffic does suck! I used to live in Germantown MD, Springfield and Woodbridge VA. My husband refinished the floors in the Canadian Embassy in DC.

  3. I'll be interested to see what this maxillofacial specialist has to say. I think I am having jaw problems that I may need to get checked out. Keep me posted!