Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Looking For That Halloween Feeling

I've given myself permission today to do very little outside of let my neck and upper back regroup from the past week of muscle tensions. Okay so I've tried to do a couple of small things but mostly I'm just hanging, reading blogs and watching TV.

This time of doing very little has me thinking about how close we are to Halloween and how I'm not feeling it. Normally when the holiday season gets started I feel an excitement for each approaching holiday. With Halloween less than a week away I still haven't achieved that excitement.

Perhaps I spent so much time this month looking forward to our mountain getaway and the Rally to Restore Sanity (coming up on the 30th) that I just haven't had the chance to focus on Halloween. Maybe PT is the distraction. I don't know but I want that feeling. I want to think about costumes and decorations even though I won't be purchasing or decorating for Halloween this year. Maybe a trip to the store to look at these kinds of items would be enough to stir up some of the desired excitement.
Do you get excited about the holidays? What are you doing to celebrate Halloween?


  1. no excitement here. meh. holidays. meh...

  2. I don't particularly care for Halloween, but I do like to decorate a lot for Christmas. This year for Halloween I probably won't do much.

  3. I used to love Halloween! When we moved into our new house 7 years ago in a new and still growing subdivision, I went all out for the first 4 years. Spider webbing, electric jack-o-lanterns, decorations and candy galore! I have not had 1 trick-or-treater in 7 freakin' years! I used to even dress up to hand out candy. Our old neighborhood was very social, but not this one. I do miss Halloween, but the last 2 years I just haven't had it in me to drag everything out for nothing. I'm not feeling it this year either :(

  4. Winny-Do you not like any of the late year holidays?

    Heather-I LOVE decorating for Christmas too!

    Della-I can totally understand how 7 years without trick-or-treaters can kind of suck the fun out of decorating and dressing up. Our dog can't handle the T or T ing so we haven't handed out candy in years. I hope one day you will see the return of your Halloween enjoyment.

  5. Love the holidays! Im probably worse than my boys. For this Halloween we are going to an annual party at some friends...then we take their golf carts and follow the kids as they trick or treat!