Thursday, December 16, 2010

Back Home

I arrived back home today after 3 days on the road. Between the bad weather and the more unstable nature of my body the trip needed to be broken down into 3 days instead of the 2 it took to drive out there. My neck and shoulders are very sore but fortunately there is no migraine yet today.

I'm feeling relieved to be back home with my husband and dog. Looks like the snow followed me here - not what I wanted to see. I'm so sick of snow and cold.

The longer I'm home the more sleepy I'm becoming. Part of me just wants to get stuff done around here things have gotten rather messy since I've been away but the rest of me just wants to nap. My brain is already starting to slow way down, which means I really should stop blogging.

I'll be back to blogging regularly now that I'm back at home. How are you all doing?


  1. Glad you made it home OK, had me worried with the weather being so bad...

  2. Glad you are home safely with this crazy weather we all have been having. Look forward to your posts in the days to come. Glad your migraine seems to be gone.

  3. I am so glad that you are back home! Get some rest, the mess will still be there when you recover from your trip.

  4. The drive was a bit dicey at times - have I ever mentioned that I hate winter? I do.