Friday, December 3, 2010

Lots of New Info

I got to see the Mayo headache guy this morning and so glad I did. Right away he told me that if I'm still feeling tightness and such in my chest the cause cannot be the triptans. He doesn't know what it is so he wanted me to see someone in internal medicine and if it is determined that my heart is okay I should be able to continue taking the Imitrex. I was able to get an appointment with IM this morning as well.

He was able to determine the problem was not with my lungs and sent me for a stress test to induce the pain and see watch what happens to my heart. As luck would have it, I was able to have that done today too. The tech indicated that things looked pretty normal so I'm very optimistic that I'll be able to start treating my migraines again.

The question remains - what is going on then. They wondered aloud if this was an anxiety response and I'm afraid I wasn't much help. I could tell them that I've been very stressed and anxious since this all started because of the traveling and needing to feel okay to take care of my mom and her dogs. I don't think I felt anxious before...can you have a panic attack without knowing it? Well, if that is what is going on here then at least it sounds easy to treat.

What was most interesting about the appointment is the revelation that I have not been taking my preventative correctly. He says that not only was the dosage not adequate but he said none of the preventative meds will work when I'm taking so many rescue meds. Have I seriously spent years of my life in pain and trying all kinds of preventatives in a manner that was ineffective? Years!

He suggested botox as a preventative because it works faster than the meds. Unfortunately my insurance said no to that idea.

I don't know what to do with that. Maybe it is time for a new neuro back home. Maybe this guy can be my doc...can I make that work from this distance?


I'm too tired, sore and in pain right now to give it much attention.


  1. I had a neuro at Mayo long years ago that worked with my local doc (GP) re: migraines. Was great! They coordinated blood tests and medication changes. Unfortunately for me there weren't too many meds to take at that time (late 1970's).

    Hope this will put a kabutz on your migraines and glad that your triptans don't have to be changed!

  2. I plan on going to Michigan Head Pain & Neurological Institute after the holidays. I was told they would manage my care from a distance and have my local drs. follow their POC. But who knows how that'll work!

    My new neuro said I wasn't on high enough doses of my preventatives.

    It's so difficult though with so many differing opinions.

    I am glad to hear your ticker is fine and you are able to return to the Imitrex...even if I think it's evil! Haha.