Thursday, December 2, 2010

The Struggle Continues

My mom was discharged from the hospital late this morning and is back home napping. The Tylenol 3 kept me functioning yesterday and today it's not working as well. But my neuro only gave me 10 of these pills, which wouldn't last even if it only took one pill to get me through the day. And that certainly is not the case.

I did get a call from the Mayo neuro's office a couple hours ago. He had a cancellation for tomorrow morning so they gave me that appointment. For the first time in more than a week the intense panic and fear that has taken up residency in my gut has gone down a bit. I just pray that he'll be able to help get me through these next couple weeks so I can take good care of my mom and drive myself back home.

The guy who did my occipital nerve decompression more than a year ago has offered me two more procedures during which he can disconnect the nerves above my eyes, on my temples and behind my ears. I had been putting it off because I wanted to find the cause, tackle it directly and avoid more surgery. I'm over it. I don't care what has caused my pain to get so out of control, I just need the pain to stop. Especially now that I don't really have a way to treat my migraines. As soon as I get back and can sit down with my neurologist I'm going to push to have it done ASAP. Even if it means doing it over the holidays.

I don't like this feeling of desperation and urgency.


  1. Been there, it is not a good place to be. Hoping your visit tomorrow at Mayo's is good. I have heard they have a new occipital stimulator study going that starts early next year.

    Is this something you might be interested in? You can bring it up at your appointment and see! That's what I did!

    The electricity was not a fix-all but I did save me from the deep well of pain and despair. Hang in there!!!

  2. What is Occipital Nerve Decompression??? I'll have to look that up! My Occipital Nerves are out of control!!!

  3. I understand about the desperation and urgency you're feeling. I'm going to be having surgery on December 22nd, so I'll be down and out for the holidays. So be it. We do what we gotta do. Blessings, dear one.

  4. Thanks Winny! I don't know much about this study but I'll ask about it.
    Jessica, the occipital nerve decompression is being done by Dr Ducic at Georgetown University Hospital. He has developed these procedures himself. Basically he creates space around the occipital nerves or bisecting them. He can do it also with other tender nerves associated with migraines. There is all kinds of great information about the procedures online if you google him and OND.
    Jamie, Oh gosh that's coming up soon. We certainly have many hard choices to make. Blessing to you as well!

  5. Blessings to you Migrainista for toughing it out to help your mom. I really hope the Mayo appointment goes well tomorrow. I know so well that desperate scary feeling.

    Also - wishing you well for your surgery Jamie.