Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Monday

Minnesota in December is always an adventure. It's so cold and over the weekend we got about 9 inches of snow. I may have grown up with these bitter cold winters but it seems to get harder and harder to cope with as I get older. BRRR!

My driver side door window froze in place on Friday and then fell into the door. Now it moves up and down but it is clearly not in the right place and so it doesn't close entirely. Thankfully my mom has a garage and offered to let me park there and put her car on the street so when the snow fell it didn't fall inside my car. I have an appointment with the VW people later today - hopefully it won't be an expensive fix.
In the meantime my mom starts PT today. We still don't know how many times a day/week she'll need to go. I really want to make my way up to the Mall of America to go to the Gap Body like I tried to do over the summer when I was here.

Today I'm also expecting to hear from my doc that I can start up the Imitrex again. I'm hopeful for a good day. And I hope that your day is good too :)

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  1. Hate it when your window won't close when you need it the most! Plastic garbag bags just don't cut it.

    Hoping you are doing better, and your mom too!!