Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Oh So Sweet!

My favorite part about having had fewer migraines in December is the effect it is had on my appetite. As you may already know, I'm a small woman who has lost a fair amount of weight as a result of the nausea that accompanies my migraines. Weight that I did NOT want to lose. Having had fewer migraines in the 2nd half of the month has finally caught up with my internal system and my appetite is up and running.

I'm eating more all around and I've begun craving sweet potato pie almost constantly. I have a really fabulous recipe and have already made 3 this month (since getting home from Minnesota)and am making 4th right now. I can't get enough and I certainly don't want to stop myself. Yum!! It's getting pretty tough to enjoy the smell without being able to also enjoy the taste. I wish it didn't take so long to prepare, cook and cool.

Leading up to Christmas the sweet potatoes are in great shape and are significantly cheaper. They have since gone back up in price and in quantity but for now they seem to still be in pretty good shape. I fully intend to continue to take advantage of my appetite and the beautiful sweet potatoes to make as many pies as possible until they start getting small and old.

I'm having a good deal of fun indulging in all kinds of holiday foods in addition to the sweet potato pies. Hopefully I'll continue to have this great relationship with food in 2011. It is oh so sweet!


  1. I don't think I have ever tried sweet potato pie! Sounds great right now...I'm starving!!!

  2. My sister makes a sweet potato souffle that is almost as good as sweet potato pie. But sweet potato pie is pretty well top of the heap of deliciousness...

  3. Great news! It is boding well for the new year! May 2011 be less full of migraine and more full of great food!
    All Good Things