Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Little Rupert

Little Rupert has been with us for a couple months now and things are going really well, at least they are for he and I. My husband hasn't exactly been fostering the most positive relationship with our little guy. You see when my husband and I first got together I had a dwarf rabbit named Mr. Miranda who I had purchased from a pet store as a baby. He had a lovely temperament and was raised being handled and loved. By the time my husband came into the picture Mr. Miranda was 4 years old and perfectly willing to allow this new guy into the family fold. I think my husband expected the same thing to happen when we adopted Rupert.

But this is a very different rabbit who spent the first two years of his life under completely unknown conditions. We don't even know for sure how old he is (he kind of looks like an old man when he sits certain ways though). It takes some time to develop a relationship with a rabbit. He has to learn your behaviors and you have to learn his. They are intelligent sensitive animals that need love, respect and kindness.

I'm trying to teach my husband how to build a more positive relationship with Rupert so they can both enjoy one another. Right now it is clear Rupert doesn't care for him. I don't laugh but honestly I think it's kinda funny.

He and I though, we are well on our way to being great friends. He has been known to snuggle up to me when I'm laying in bed at night watching TV so long as my husband is in the other room. He'll sit and let me pet him for long periods of time and he even grinds his teeth when I'm doing it (the equivalent of a cat purring).

I'm absolutely crazy about him. He's super cute, super soft and full of personality.

Okay, I could go on and on but I'm sure this isn't the most interesting post so I'll just stop.

Have any of you ever had, or have a pet rabbit?


  1. I have had students in the past who have bunnies, but I have never had a furry pet, only fish and you can't cuddle with them, can you? What an adorable bunny Rupert is.


  2. Rupert is awesome M...and I love this post :)

    I had pet rabbits as a kid, and I let my kids have an entire bunny rabbit family.

  3. I had Sophie...our white bunny...but she was all scratchy and psycho! She was cute...but definately not cuddly.