Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paying the Price

I overdid it yesterday and, of course, I'm paying the price today with extra fatigue and lots of pain. Shoot. I guess it will just take a while to learn what exactly my limits are - what a frustrating process.

Though I wanted to just stay home and do nothing all day I had to get up and go to the store for a couple things we'll need for tonight and tomorrow. I could tell right away that I wasn't in a good place because it seemed like every idiot was on the road in front of me and all over at the grocery store. Grocery stores are irritating places to me anyway, but when I'm in a mood - oh boy, watch out.

By the time I returned home I was incredibly tense - a couple hours later I'm still all tense. My muscles are tight but I can't seem to relax them and it is starting to trigger a migraine.

Oh body, why won't you cooperate?!?

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