Thursday, October 20, 2011

No Heat, STILL!

All this week St Louis has been much cooler than normal for this time of year. The nights have been in the 40s and the days in the 50s with clouds, wind and rain. Fitting with the pattern we found ourselves in over the summer, this sudden cold spell is the first time we've needed to turn on our heat and when we did we discovered it doesn't work.

The temperature in our apartment has continued to fall, currently at 60 degrees. Now it's approaching noon on Thursday and the furnace still isn't fixed. I'm running the oven several hours a day just to take the edge off, as that is all it can do. We're taking really long hot showers so as to raise the temp a bit more. As a former Minnesotan I have the clothing and bedding to keep us as bundled and warm as a person can be but damage is being done.

Our dog and rabbit are fairing very well. They both have nice thick coats of fur. My husband isn't very bothered either. He loves the cool air, though if it drops much more he will slip into discomfort. It's really me who is suffering right now. I hate the cold. My entire body tenses up (more than usual), folding into itself with force. I'm sitting bundled, watching netflix and playing on the computer, completely unwilling to move. It's just too darn cold in here to leave the relative comfort of my blankets. My head and muscles are paying a high price. The cold air feels like it is burning my eyes and keeps triggering my migraines. All the muscles tension is creating a very sore body and fatigued one as well.

But even more troubling is the effect this could have on my medications. I'm trying to keep them at a reasonable temperature but at this point the possibility that they have been compromised is very real. I left to wonder if their effectiveness has simply been compromised or if the changes they are undergoing in these temps are making them dangerous either alone or in combination with each other.

The repair man was supposed to be back this morning but morning is 20 minutes away from being over and I have neither seen nor heard from them. This had better be fixed today. Tonight's temps are going to be in the 30s, I hate to think how cold it will end up getting in here without heat for another night. I will be heading to the office when this is all over to insist that we get a discount on next month's rent.

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  1. I hope you got your heat fixed, and a reduction on next months rent. Being cold is one thing I really can apply the word HATE to.