Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A Dog's Life

In pain, curling up on the couch, TV on whatever isn't so boring that I can't stand to listen to it or so interesting that I care about drifting asleep during it. Weekend hoopla recovery continues and I try to not take any meds (the old conservation game - you know). Keeping me sane is this sweet little dog.

In the 3 short weeks since she joined our family she's become a tremendous source of comfort. She will spend all day laying with me if that's what I need. She's super cute, sweet and affectionate. She doesn't reduce my pain but between the joy she brings me and the distraction she provides, she surely does help me through it.

She is actually helping me to live a little better life.

She fits in here almost as if she's been with us since day one. Perhaps it's because she spent the first 6 years of her life with an elderly woman who only gave her up because she went into a nursing home. I guess I can see how there may be similarities between these two households. After all we're pretty quiet people and I'm usually home, only able to be active for short periods at a time.


  1. She really is a cutie, and I bet she loves you and your home!

  2. i am so glad she is fitting in! What a cutie! I am glad that she has been helping you live a little better.