Monday, September 24, 2012

Adventures in Bowling

After discovering a smoke-free bowling ally oasis here in smokers paradise, my husband and I decided to go play a game. While it may have been a bowling ally it was also much more than that with a full restaurant, arcade, two full rows of bowling with full service at the lanes including shoe delivery. And being the ONLY smoke-free place in this very large area it was full of families.
We just wanted to play the one game and so we signed up for a 1/2 hour and started bowling. About 10 minutes in an announcement was made that they were going to be starting cosmic bowling in 10 minutes time so anyone who had trouble with strobe lights, smoke machines and such should make their way out in that time. We decided to stay because by the time it was scheduled to start we wouldn't have much time left anyway. 

Unfortunately 10 minutes turned out to be 2 minutes and cosmic bowling started at the very random time of 1:40 in the afternoon. Long story short, we both ended up with a headache. 

Either we are too practical or too old to enjoy this kind of thing. When I go bowling I don't fog covering the ally, I don't laser lights dancing on every surface, I don't music blaring and I don't want strobe lights. I know full well there will be a pain price to pay for bowling due to the very nature of the game and I don't mind because I do enjoy it. But I'm frustrated that these completely unnecessary environmental factors always ruin it for me. 

These adventures in bowling make me long for my hometown of Rochester, Minnesota. This progressive city  has been smoke-free since I can remember. You can go to any bowling ally on a Saturday afternoon and never have to worry about cigarette smoke, crazy lights or blasting music. 


  1. all of michigan is smoke free too. I am very thankful for that.

  2. Yay for the smoke free bowling alley, and all of the great things they do have! Next time call ahead and find out what the schedule is to avoid another session of cosmic bowling. Most bowling alleys do cosmic bowling at night. It's weird that they did it in the afternoon. Better luck next time!

    And.....not all geocaches are located in the woods. Some are in parks, and all kinds of places. I will be glad to go caching without spiders, and worrying about stepping on a snake! It shouldn't be too much longer because our nights are getting quite chilly :)

  3. What kind of bowling was that - pinball bowling?? Guess I'm too old for the newfangled in the dark with laser light bowling too.