Thursday, September 20, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear Fifty Shades Trilogy,
Thank you for being interesting enough to keep my attention and get me back into reading more regularly. I had been in a reading rut due to a lack of the right book. You see, my fibro/migraine brain often struggles to concentrate for long periods of time, making books a bit daunting. While you may not be brilliantly written, your subject matter is compelling enough to keep those pages turning. 

Thank you also for the fun ideas you have given me and continued entertainment. I know you don't need my endorsement as women and couple everywhere have already made you incredibly popular, but I'll go on the record anyway saying it's worth a read.

Dear Socks,

Thank you for waiting so patiently for me all summer. You have no idea how much I've missed you and the weather that calls for your use. Now I can do all the things I love to do with you like putting lotion on my feet  before putting you on or curling up under a blanket without worrying about cold or dry feet. 

You are one of the many things about fall that I love.

Dear Old Navy,

Thank you for taking an additional 30% your clearance items. I actually bought several short sleeve shirts for less than a dollar each. This brought me a great deal of satisfaction and joy - sad huh? But so true. Especially  since losing several of my summer shirts to a funky smell that I just couldn't get out of them from our previous closet. You see, there was a dead animal in the walls and the management just didn't care to do anything about it. Almost all of my summer stuff absorbed the smell and no matter how much I wash them and spray them with Fabreeze I simply cannot get it out. 

Maybe if I didn't have such an acute sense of smell this wouldn't be such a big deal. After all my husband claims he can't smell it but when your shirt smells, just below your nose it drive a woman a bit mad. And drive me crazy it does. Replacing some of these items so cheaply has made it all better.


  1. I read the fifty shades trilogy too. It was entertaining. It was not something that I would have normally picked out, but it was good. Several of my friends recommended it.


  2. I haven't read 50 Shades yet. My cousin highly recommends it, too. If I could concentrate long enough to read a book, maybe I would consider buying them. Maybe I will wait til the hoopla has died down and get them from my library...if they have them.

    Lucky you getting Old Navy shirts for so cheap!!!