Monday, September 3, 2012

Labor Day

My mom just left this morning after our long weekend together. It was fantastic to have her here, with an agenda to relax and visit. Relaxing is something I need a lot of too so that worked out perfectly. We did manage to get out a bit and do a couple low key things but mostly we hung out here. This choice was helped by lots of rain and clouds Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

As wonderful as it was to have her here and as little activity as we actually did I still got exhausted and had a fair amount of pain. I guess this is just my reality right now. Fortunately my mom is very understanding and just wanted to spend time with me, wherever it was.

Her visit really prompted the completion of a couple projects related to the move in that I had really wanted to get done around here so I will have some time now to recuperate and figure out what's next. And more importantly get back into my routine and blogging.

What have you-all been doing with your Labor Day Weekend?

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  1. I have had a bad headache since Thursday last week so my weekend was very low key. I did see a movie at 4 of my students' house with dinner on Saturday, that was fun! I miss my girls! Today, I am just resting like I did yesterday. Some days I just hate how much rest I need, today is one of those type days. I am glad you had a good weekend with your mom.