Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Guest Prep

I've had a migraine for the last week now and I need it to stop soon. My mom will be arriving tonight for a long weekend visit and I would really like to be a good host while she's here. Of course she is mom and there is no real pressure to put on a brave front if I'm struggling, but still I want to do all I can for her. After all she is mom.

I've laid out fresh fluffy towels, I picked up a lavender scented candle for her room (her favorite scent) and am washing the sheets as I type. It's been a while since we've lived in a space large enough to have her stay with us so I'm quite excited. I think it will make all of us more comfortable and allow our visiting to be more relaxed.

Speaking of relaxed, I've invited the rest of the family that lives in the area over for dinner on Saturday (8). For some reason this hasn't caused a panic in me as I would expect. They can come and if I feel good I can cook, if not we'll get take out. If I feel okay I can sit out and visit with them. If not then I can hide in my room and they can manage without me.

Don't know why I feel so relaxed about the whole thing. It's sort of freaking me out a bit, proving that no matter what I can find something to stress about. I just hope that come Saturday I still feel this way.


  1. I do hope you feel well enough for a good visit. If not, your mom and family will understand.

    It's always good to have a positive outlook, and I'm glad you have the take out option if you aren't up to cooking.

    Have a great visit with your mom!!!

  2. I hope you have a great visit with your mom!!!! Moms are so precious!!!!!


  3. I hope you had a great visit with your mom and family! It freaks me out when I feel relaxed about stuff like that, too. LOL. We're so much alike, in our Type A personality.