Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Getting Back To It

The past several days have been tough as I've had one of my bad migraine cycles. The kind where I wake up feeling bad and am never really able to get on top of the pain. As expected I'm exhausted, nauseated and gettin' pretty crabby. To cope I've just been hanging on and doing what I can when I can - getting very little done.

This morning it occurred to me that with all the craziness of the move and such I haven't been doing all the things I usually do to try and manage my pain. I haven't been practicing my relaxation techniques, or doing my exercises, or even stretching. No wonder my body is in an uproar.

Starting today I'm going to get back on track and get back into routine. To kick things off I took some video of Rupert wearing himself out washing his face:

So here's to reestablishing good health practices...


  1. what a cute bunny Rupert is! I do hope that you feel better by the end of today.


  2. I hope you get settled back into your normal routine soon, and have some pain free days!