Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Hint of Optimism

Today's my birthday. With all the craziness of moving, unpacking and such I had basically forgotten about my coming birthday until Monday night when my aunt asked what my plans were. Hadn't even thought about it. Not being terribly concerned about doing much celebrating my husband and I made plans to out for dinner.
Having woke up this morning with a migraine already taking hold, one that I've been unable to get on top of the plan has changed. I've decided as a special birthday present to myself I'll go ahead and be kind to myself today. I'm taking it easy and trying to relax as much as possible. No doubt I've seriously overdone all week long. I'm so worn out and am really paying the price here. 

It's not all that unusual for my plans to require alteration. Frankly, I just can't count on my body to always cooperate with plans. But I do feel like it's important to still make plans with the hopes that I will be up to it and the understanding that I may not. Chances are better than 50/50 that I WON'T feel good but there is still a chance and if I do feel up to it I'll be glad to have something fun to do. 


  1. I hope you feel better tonight and be able to celebrate your birthday tomorrow. My friends have a great idea for birthdays. They celebrate birth week this way if they are busy on one day, they still have more to celebrate!


    1. Thanks Heather!
      I love this idea of celebrating birth-week, maybe that's what I should do :)

  2. Sometimes plans do fall through due to our health concerns, but it is good to go ahead and make those plans anyway. It gives us something to look forward to. We may have to change them, but we do get out eventually lol.

    Sorry your migraine ruined your birthday, but
    Happy Birthday! So sorry I missed it :(
    I was out of town yesterday for a pre-birthday shopping trip. (mine is tomorrow)

    1. Thanks Della!
      And a happy birthday to you for today :) How was the shopping trip?