Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thank You Thursday

Dear St Louis Senior Dog Project,

Thanks for being a great rescue group and hooking us up with our sweet new doggy baby girl. Even though we are still getting to know one another she has already brought us many wonderful moments of "oh cute" and smiles.

Dear Showtime,

Thanks for finally releasing the latest season of Dexter on DVD. Even though it's been some 9 months since you originally aired the episodes and a full year since we saw last season's DVDs it was, as always, worth the wait.

Dear Vinegar,

You are such an amazing cleaner. Despite having a rather unpleasant smell, you are quick and effective, ultimately saving me all kinds of time and pain from scrubbing. I'm actually becoming quite accustomed to your odor and making positive associations with it. The only thing that vexes me about you is how you can be such a good cleaner AND be an ingredient in many dishes.

Dear Cold Front,

I can hardly even believe how reasonable you are making the weather. You have actually left me with a big enough window of time to do a long awaited project that requires both the ventilation of the outdoors and temps below 85 degrees. I thought I would have to wait for late September to see a block of days this nice but here you are in August of all months. You are welcome to stick around for the rest of the summer if you want. Please.


  1. So glad you are happy with your new fur baby :) and that you have some new shows to watch.

    Vinegar is amazing! Did you know you can make your own? It takes a couple of months.

    You can keep your cold front up there lol.

  2. I wonder that about vinegar, too!!!