Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thank You Thursday

I wanted to try something new: Thank You Thursdays. A time for me to reflect on the week that was and express gratitude sometimes with sincerity and sometimes with sarcasm. So here goes my first installment...

Dear Weather,
Even though you have been excessively hot this summer we have actually had several overnight storms and even a rainy day this past week. This much needed rain has been more than welcome during this drought. Please bring more of that in the weeks to come.

I've spent several hours looking through your 98 pages of available dogs in the area. So many homeless dogs, just in this area and you really do make the searching process much easier with all your pictures, links to websites and easy navigation.

Dear Migraine,
You have been a big ol' pain in the rear this week. You have gotten in the way every day making things much more difficult than necessary. Despite your efforts to the contrary, I've managed to have a fairly productive week (well productive for me) and even had some fun. Take that!


  1. I love this! I will be looking forward to it every Thursday ;) Good luck with your pet search. I hope you find a sweet dog to love.

  2. Awesome! I look forward to following your Thank you Thursdays. Really liked the Dear Migraine. Way to kick its patooty.