Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Fall Tease

The Halloween decorations and even some Christmas decorations have made their way into the stores. School is gearing up as all the back-to-school products dwindle from shelves. If I didn't know better I would think fall was here. A simple walk outside and the weather quickly reminds that summer is not quite through torturing me.Seeing fall in all the stores just feels like a huge tease. 

This month has been mild by August standards and almost cool at times by comparison to June and July but it's no fall. Despite my best efforts I've actually begun dreaming about the wonders of fall and the stuff I want to do to enjoy it. No doubt all this dreaming will lead to many moments of disappointment as summer marches it's final parade. 


  1. It annoys me to that they rush the seasons. Seeing Halloween and Fall stuff in the stores right now is ok...September is right around the corner. It's the Christmas stuff out months in advance that makes me batty. Our stores had fake Christmas trees up at the end of July. Really??? Why?

    I'm a summer gal. I don't always enjoy the heat and humidity, but I really hate the cold. I also dislike the word hate, so you know how much I dislike the cold by using the hate word!

    I do hope you get your fall weather soon! As for me, summer can last forever :)

    1. And I hope you get to hang onto summer as long as possible down in FL. :)