Monday, September 10, 2012


During my most recent trip to my general practitioner doc she noticed that my cuticles are inflamed. She didn't really indicate why she was concerned and I didn't ask. Probably because I just don't need one more health thing to think/worry about. She took some blood and if anything is awry I'm sure I'll hear about it at my next appointment.

I went ahead and thought and worried anyway, but not about what else may be wrong. I started to think about inflammation and noticed that in lots of small ways it seems like my entire body is a little inflamed and has been for some time. I've noticed it on the inside of my mouth, my feet, my hands and even my intestines. For now I refuse to google these symptoms but I've been wondering about it.

Until I'm ready or the doc tells me somethings up I'm going to cut back on my dairy and hope to see a turn about.

Have any of you experienced systematic inflammation.


  1. When do you get your lab report back? Try vitamin don't get much sun. It's a vitamin, and you can't drink enough milk or eat enough dairy to get your daily requirement of it. Hope all is well!

  2. Yes, systematic inflammation is what gives drives the symptoms of heart disease, blood clots, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, tons of joint pain, gum disease,... the list goes on. I'd look it up and read it to see what's cooking research-wise in the field.