Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Come On, Doctors!

Today's episode of The Doctors was really irritating. They have called the episode "Women's Embarrassing Questions: Uncensored!". So the one female doctor on the panel, who happens to be an OB/GYN, has been joined by two other practicing female docs. All three donned pink lab coats and were sitting on pink chairs. The all female audience had also been forced into matching pink t-shirts with the letter "V" printed on the front. Heck even the set was all decked out with female stereotypes from potted lilies to the various shades of pink lights.

They started off dancing around the actual terminology saying things like "down there" before settling on calling it "V". Immediately following this declaration they talked about how important it is to use the correct terminology. Yet there they were, perpetuating the problem.

Some of the content of the episode was actually pretty good but why do they feel the need to present it like this? Do they think we can't handle words like vagina? Do they think that we won't listen unless they draw us in with the color pink and the promise of fun? And why has pink been assigned to the female gender?

I am tired of all the boxes in our culture. Why can't we all just be who we are, like what we like, enjoy what we enjoy? I don't need to be pandered to. I just want to be treated with kindness and respect, treated like an intelligent woman, especially by doctors. Come on!

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