Monday, March 18, 2013

The Big Insurance Switch

My husband recently started a new job; a great job. Part of what makes this so great is the health insurance they offer. The insurance coverage is so good that I made the scary move to sign up for it. Part of me was scared that they would never take me on but there was no qualification questionnaire. A bigger part of me was scared that, without the full safety of the healthcare act provisions regarding preexisting conditions to be enacted in 2014, leaving my old insurance would leave me vulnerable to being uninsured. Faced with the HUGE cost savings being offered along side the lure of having much better coverage the decisions was made to switch despite my fears.

Now with my new card in hand I am gearing up to make the phone call to my old insurance company to officially cancel today. As excited as I am about the possibilities of the new plan I am still very nervous to cut the ties with the old insurance company. Fearing any number of unfortunate scenarios that could befall us and lead to being uninsured and in real financial trouble I am angry at the systems that make us all so vulnerable.

Fingers crossed and prayers I go.

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