Tuesday, March 5, 2013

In Like A Lion

As February came to a close I was feeling a sense of relief as it had been a particularly difficult one for me. In addition to the usual migraines and fibromyalgia my body was also struggling as I titrated off one of my meds. Emotionally I was struggling as well, feeling more overwhelmed and frustrated than usual. I knew things would get better. They always do. Fingers crossed and prayers said that March would be better.

Instead March has come in like a lion. A lion that is stabbing my head, thrashing my poor body, twisting my guts and taking me to the limits of my own sanity. I don't feel myself but I suspect these are growing pains and not my destruction.

My fingers are crossed that March will continue to follow the old adage and this terrible lion will turn into a sweet little lamb by the end of the month. May this particularly difficult period provide me with a great lesson and some measure of relief.


  1. I hope that the Lion will leave you and leave the Lamb in its place.


  2. Sorry to hear this month hasn't gotten off to a good start for you. It sounds like you're still staying positive though; that's important. I'm praying things will improve for you soon! :)