Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thank You Thursday

Dear Gap,

Thank you so much for providing great ways to save money. Like all other retailers you like to get excited and spend a much of money promoting your 20% a single regular priced item mailers. But for the thriftier, savvier, more patient customers you can actually offer amazing deals. One of my favorite purchases from you was a pair of jeans for just $7.00! Come on, you can barely buy a used pair for that price.

Just this week, armed with an email coupon for 40% off your entire purchase, I headed to the Gap Outlet where you were having a huge sale. Shopping only the special sale priced tables and the clearance section I found 6 great shirts (3 short sleeve, 2 long sleeve, 1 turtle neck). These regular cotton shirts are a staple of my stay-at-home wardrobe. They are comfortable, they wash nice and they layer nicely under a sweater when I have to run to the store. The grand total, after tax, just $29. At an average of less than $5 per shirt I am one happy camper.

Saving money is one of those things that really makes me feel good inside. We all know the mark up on clothing is ridiculous. I refuse to pay retail. Heck, I won't even consider a sale price of less than 50% off, mostly sticking to 75% off or more. Thank you for helping me make that possible.

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