Friday, March 22, 2013

Come On Spring!

Spring is now several weeks behind schedule here in the greater St Louis area and it is starting to really irritate me. The only tolerable seasons are Spring and Fall as far as I'm concerned. It is only during these two times of year that the temperature is actually moderate, something my head greatly appreciates. But here we are on March 22nd and high temps are still hoovering around freezing, snow is in the forecast and the trees haven't even begun to bud. Last year at this time the fruit trees were already in bloom, stores had opened their outdoor garden centers and I was able to enjoy going out for walks.

How I long for Springs actual arrival, which unfortunately can't be predicted by the calendar, astrology or even a groundhog. Each day of Spring that Winter steals from me makes me increasingly irritated with Winter. The great benefit of living in a place like this is that all 4 seasons are supposed to be distributed fairly evenly throughout the calendar. Come on Spring! I need you to show yourself, like yesterday.


  1. Well Spring has arrived in Louisiana but with an early Spring here means a very Brutal Hot Summer which can wreck havoc on anyone who suffers with chronic pain/headaches. I love Spring too, it improves my mood so much. I go for walks in my neighborhood and I love looking at all the flowers in bloom.

    The problem with Louisiana weather is one night you could be running your heater and the next morning your AC needs to be turned on. The weather varies a lot from cold to warm, very humid to rainy, unexpected cold fronts to extremely warm head is in a constant state of disarray.

    1. Oh my word. Louisiana doesn't sound like a migraine friendly place at all.