Friday, March 1, 2013

The Big Cell Phone Switch

After years of refusing to text, I have at long last joined the rest of the world. Admittedly, a big reason for the hold out was about the cost. Just having a regular old cell phone that made phone calls cost about $40/month. If you wanted to have web access and a texting plan, well you had better be prepared to shell out more like $100/month. Certainly there are variances in price depending on the carrier but they are all in the same ball park - way over priced.

Then I discovered the no-contract, pre-paid cell phone section of Target. It's come a long way over the past 5 years that we've been overpaying for cell service. Our contract is up and my husband will be getting a free phone from his employer next week, so I went to Target and picked out a smart phone. At a savings of more than 50% I was able to get a plan with unlimited texting and data and 1200 minutes of talk. So not only is it MUCH cheaper but it also offers more features. Our previous plan didn't have any texting and had much fewer minutes that my husband and I shared. 

I can't even believe what a great deal this is. I want to kick myself for having overpaid for our cell phones for so long and getting roped into a lengthy contract that tied our hands from making this switch sooner. I honestly can't think of one benefit to having a traditional cell phone plan - heck you can even go pre-paid with the i phone if you want. All the major carriers have these less expensive plans: AT&T, Sprint, Virgin Mobile, Verizon...

Don't mean to sound like a commercial here but I'm really blown away. This will save us so much money and that always excites me. 

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