Tuesday, July 2, 2013

How Migraines Impact Our House Hunt

We're house hunting. I love house hunting. I love looking at pictures online, going into homes, seeing different decorating styles and trying to picture my family in the various homes. We've been waiting and saving to buy another house for years. Between all the moving around and living in crap apartments with even crappier neighbors has just made the hunting feel even sweeter.

Surprise, surprise, my chronic migraines and fibromyalgia have sucked a lot of fun out of the process. Here are some of the complicating factors:

1. We are looking to buy a house in South St Louis County, which is about a 30 minute drive from our present location so we are spending a great deal of time on the road just getting to that part of town and then tooling around to see the houses. The driving about is hard on my neck, which triggers my head. Plus, there is a lot of sunshine and heat to contend with this time of year.
2. While I enjoy going in the houses and such, we've seen a lot of stinky houses. Sometimes I'm the only one who can smell the underlying cat pee, which makes me feel a little crazy. Some of the smelly houses have been very overt and then I'm just sad that we're missing out on a great house because the present homeowners are heavy smokers or have not addressed the stinky urine soaked carpets/pads/subflooring.
3. The stress of the rising interest rates and huge increase in homebuyers have made me more sensitive to all my triggers.

It's been a tough month of house hunting. Especially after we lost out on a bid for the perfect house over the weekend. At this point I'm over it. House hunting can be fun but a long house hunt is just not good for this Migrainista. I need it to come to an end so we can move forward in the buying process. Fingers crossed that we'll find the perfect place tomorrow.

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  1. House hunting is extremely stressful! Good luck in your search and I hope it gets easier!