Friday, July 12, 2013

The House Hunt Takes a Turn

My mind is consumed with thoughts of our housing situation. We've been house hunting for a while now without any luck. I was about at the end of my rope with the whole thing when my husband did some outside of the box thinking and found a neighborhood of new construction in our price range. The only catch, it is not in the area of the county we wanted to live. Somehow sitting in the model home, with the perfect ranch layout that had everything we wanted in it, surrounded by that new home smell, we found ourselves willing to make the compromise.

I can't believe we can actually afford to build a new home for the same price as the old homes we were looking at. Even though we have signed a purchase agreement, put some money down and are knee deep in our mortgage approval process, it still feels like a dream. I know once our mortgage is approved it will feel more official.

In the meantime it is constantly on my mind. I'm thinking about covering the windows, what style I want to decorate with, how I will place the furniture, what colors I might want to paint, wondering what our neighbors will be get the idea. My mind is so busy with these thoughts, along with the anticipation of finally planting ourselves long-term in a home, it's keeping me up at night. My sleep is pretty easily interrupted and my level of excitement on this matter is intense - a bad combination.

I know it's gotten bad because I'm starting to feel jealous of Gypsy and her amazing ability to sleep anytime, anywhere, in any old position. She makes it look so easy. Not to mention my body is cooperating even less than normal. Everything is just a little harder than normal.

With a long construction process in front of us I sure hope my mind will soon calm enough to allow me more sleep. Otherwise this is going to be a VERY LONG 5 months.


  1. Yeah!!!! the house hunt is over and a new built too! That is great! I look forward to reading about the progress with the new house!