Monday, July 22, 2013

Saying Goodbye, Moving Forward

I've just returned home from a long weekend up north to visit my mom and see my migraine doc. A trip which in the past used to be all in the same place - Rochester Minnesota. Just last month my mom moved to LaCrosse Wisconsin for her job. The two cities are actually fairly close at around 75 miles but it's just far enough to make going to Rochester a challenge for me.

The thing is, I love Rochester. I grew up in Rochester. I've watched it grow into an amazing little city. It is the place where all my dear old friends live. It is the place where I became me. I will never know or love another city the way I do Rochester. I thought I would always be going back to visit because that's where my mom and sister lived.

While I was up there I did travel over to Rochester for my Mayo appointment and was able to have lunch with a friend. I then needed to return to LaCrosse because I had reached my activity limit for the day. Taking one day trip to Rochester is really all that I can justify during a long weekend where 2 days are spent just traveling north and returning home. So basically I will only ever be able to see 1 or 2 friends, once a year when we make our summer visit north.

The whole situation makes me very sad. I feel as though the distance between me and my friends just got greater and that I'm losing this connection with my past. I miss my peeps. I miss Rochester. I wish it didn't have to be this way.

Adding additional emotions to this past weekend was the appointment with my migraine doc. As you may remember, I have decided to stop trying various preventative medications. This was the first chance I had to talk with my doc about this. He was in agreement that taking some time to get my whole self in better shape was a good idea. We had a really nice long chat about everything from trying pot to how far away migraine specific preventatives are (decades).

I left our time together feeling both relieved by my doc's affirmations that I'm doing the right thing and a bit scared that I'm kind of on my own now. More than ever I need to find a good primary care doc so that I can continue to get my needed rescue meds and muscle relaxers. Then the task of finding good alternative providers begins.

It's been quite a weekend.

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  1. I am also trying different alternatives. Good luck with your journey!!!