Monday, July 1, 2013

My First Dream Migraine

I had a chronic migraine first during the month of June: my first migraine IN a dream. I do frequently fall asleep with migraine pain, wake up with migraine pain, heck, I'm sure I've even had pain while dreaming. But I had never actually dreamed that I was having the migraine. It was so real. I was experiencing the pain, aware of the pain and it played a big role in the activity of the dream just as it does in real life.

Now I know, migraines are such a big part of my life it shouldn't have been as jarring or surprising to dream that I was having a migraine. But it was.

Normally, sleep and dreams are a bit of an escape for me. A time during which I don't have any awareness or thoughts of chronic pain. A time filled with hope that the next day won't be as bad. A time to do really cool stuff like fly around beautiful buildings and see the world from a bird's perspective. Having that time invaded by migraines was just unsettling.

So far I've only had the one dream migraine. Now if I can convince my brain to never do that to me again, I'll be a happy camper.

Have you ever had a dream migraine?


  1. I have dreamed weird things but never that. I have dreamed of being in pain so it is similar to what you dreamed. I do want dreams to be an escape but they aren't always. I hope you don't have anymore migraine dreams.


  2. Yep...maybe not so much of a being aware of it before I'm awake.