Monday, October 14, 2013

An Anniversary Respite

So Sunday was our anniversary. Despite a bit of a stomach bug and super low energy we managed to carve out a few hours of quality fall fun. First, we went to our future home for our weekly visit and picture taking session. After 5 weeks of looking at a hole in the ground we were thrilled to see all the walls framed out.

This will be where I sleep

As you can see, it's awful sunny in the house as the roof didn't go up until today (just in time for rain tonight and tomorrow). Having stupidly forgotten my hat, the sun sent me on a quick path to pain and fatigue. In other words, that was all the fun I could handle for one day.

Still wanting to enjoy some outdoor fall fun and since hubby had the day off, we decided to explore one of big area parks this afternoon. Having remembered my hat and with plenty of cloud cover overhead we were able to to enjoy and explore to our heart's content. 

I just treasure these moments, these simple moments outside with hubby. They always require that rare convergence of cooperating weather and pain low enough to allow me to venture out. When it happens, wow, what a wonderful respite.