Monday, October 21, 2013

Living "Small"




I love these micro homes. The idea of living so simply, with so few possessions, with such small costs is just incredibly appealing. The idea is appealing but I don't know that I could ever actually do it. So often these homes aren't big enough to have ovens, washers, dryers, full sized fridges, dishwashers, tubs... Plus, I don't want to part with all my Christmas decorations, or my books (I'm strangely attached to my books), or all my photographs. No, I would never chose to live in a micro home. 

Despite these shortcomings, micro homes have a lot going for them and as we build our small home I am inspired by these assets:
-they are energy efficient
-well organized
-designed to take full advantage of every inch of space
-easy to clean 
-no formal spaces or unused rooms

All the moving we've done over the past 5 years has pushed us to get rid of a good amount of superfluous junk that we've both amassed. Yet, I feel like we still have some stuff that could go. As much as I've hated all the moving we've done, each move's junk purge has left me feeling more free and energized. Somehow, having less stuff and living "small" has allowed me to focus more of my energy on my health and on my family. With this final move on the horizon I'm looking forward to one more purge and the additional benefits that will follow.

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