Thursday, October 24, 2013

The Next Step In My Treatment

I've been thinking a great deal about what the next step in my treatment should be. The decision was made back in May to get off the medication roller coaster that I've been on for the last 7 years. I had that conversation with my migraine specialist in mid-July when I learned he agreed that I was unlikely to respond to any medications at this point.

Moving forward the idea is to focus on pain management techniques like meditation, exercise, acupuncture, therapy, which I can finally do thanks to my new health insurance plan. In addition to this new approach to treatment I also need to find a new doctor since my migraine specialist won't be able to provide me with my rescue meds and muscle relaxers now that I'm not being treated by him.

My head has just swimming with questions. What kind of doctor do I need? How do I find the right doc? What area should I tackle first? How do I coordinate all the areas of care? You get the idea.

Finding my way through these details has been complicated by the amount of time, energy and stress that has been dedicated to the house hunt and now the house build. I keep thinking I have a good plan in my head and then I get distracted by the house. When I return to thinking about my next step in treatment I have doubts about that plan so I develop a new one. Then I get distracted by the house again and the cycle starts over.

When it comes down to it, I'm both intimidated by the scope and a little nervous about going it alone. Neither are good reasons to delay moving forward so it is time to suck it up and just do something. All this fuss over what to do first and attempts to plan it out perfectly is actually what has lead me to my first step: seeking therapy. I believe the rest will fall into place as I'm ready for it. So, the search has begun for a good therapist and, just like that, a little weight has been lifted.

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  1. Have you ever considered hypnotherapy? I have several clients who have drastically reduced the frequency and severity of their migraines. You might find it beneficial too?