Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wonderment Ahead

The winter comforter is on the bed. The t-shirts and Capri pants have been replaced by sweaters and turtle necks. Flip flops replaced by socks and slippers. Scarves and gloves are ready by the door. There is a sweet potato pie in the oven. The leaves have all begun to turn and fall. The air conditioner has been off for a couple weeks and soon the heat will need to be turned on.

Fall is here! Wonderful, colorful, beautiful, crisp Fall has arrived with all its festivities in tow. This is my favorite time of year, now through the end of the year. Even though this fall and winter are filled with more stress than usual and we won't be able to do any holiday decorating, I'm determined to enjoy as much as I can. Actually, it sort of works out that the worst of the year's stress is happening during my favorite time of year. The way I see it, the timing can only serve to help me better manage through it.

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