Sunday, June 1, 2014

What I Would Do If I Didn't Have Chronic Migraines #MHAWBC #MHAM

The arrival of June marks the beginning of Migraine and Headache Awareness Month. I've decided to participate in the month long blog challenge. Between a short trip planned for later in the month and the unpredictable nature of my chronic migraines I likely won't be able to do one every day but I'll do as many as I can.

Day 1 Prompt: "What would you do if your dream of a totally pain and symptom free life came true?"

Simply put, I would do anything I wanted. Yeah, I know that isn't possible, I would still be limited by finances and time constraints the way most people are. Maybe it would be more accurate to say that I would do all the things I used to love to do that I either can't do or can't do much of anymore. I would:

- paint and draw
- much more reading
- see plays and musical productions
- fill my days with activities (domestic, philanthropic, artistic and fun activities)
- watch movies in the dark with hubby
- bump up the intensity of my workouts
- do more outside
- do more baking
- keep a cleaner house
- be more organized
- be active in the political process at the local level
- volunteer with a few organizations that I'm passionate about
- see more of my friends and family
- remove the dark, heavy brown curtains in our living space and replace them with more aesthetic ones
- take more pictures
- find a small black box theatre that does the kind of plays I love so I could stage manage or direct one show a year

The funny thing is, when I really started to think about all the things I would do, I realized a couple of the changes that have occurred are things I would NOT want to change back. These days, hubby and I live pretty simple lives and we like it that way. I would not want to return to the crazy busy days and super late nights of my early and mid twenties. There might be a period of time initially when I would want to just do as much as possible as quick as possible, a consequence of 8 years of being held back, but I bet things would eventually normalize.

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