Thursday, October 23, 2014

Is It Me Or Is It Them?

This rabbit hole I've gone down extends beyonds the bottomless pit of f&*% ups with my presciption refill that I told you about earlier. Here let me start at the beginning:

I went in for a trim in an effort to maintain my hair style - a style that lead me to like my hair for the first time in many many years. Since hubby and I needed to get moving on a photo shoot for our Christmas card if we want to get it done in time (we do a rather elaborate card every year), I thought I would have her style my hair to fit our card concept after my trim. That way when I returned home we could jump right into the photo shoot. She did the cut and I noticed it was uneven so I pointed it out and she trimmed the long end and then moved on to styling it. With a lot of product, a hot curing iron and some teasing - poof - turned out pretty close to what I had imagined for the picture:

I cropped the picture so as not to give away the outfit.
I promise I am NOT naked or even dressed inappropriately.

All was right with the world - until the next morning when I washed my hair and discovered when she fixed the uneven cut originally she had actually over-corrected and now the other side was longer. This meant another trip to the salon to get it fixed. My gal only works on weekends so it would have to be fixed by someone else (probably for the best).

So I sat down and explained what had happened and showed the new person exactly where the problem was. He wet my hair and set about correcting the problem. He kept going back and forth between the two sides and cutting more and more hair. When he finished he asked me what I thought and I ran my fingers through - by now it was shorter than I had wanted and not really the same hair style. That's okay - hair grows out. What was important is that it was even - and it did feel even.

There was nobody else in the salon so he asked if he could style it and said it wouldn't cost extra so I let him. When I returned home and pulled it back in my usual stretched out fabric headband (keeps the hair off my face and doesn't put any pressure on my head) I realized it was actually still uneven. When I felt it at the salon my hair was very wet and frankly it felt even but clearly it is not.

Much shorter - especially in the back
and still uneven.
Did he not understand what I was telling him? Did he actually just give me a new style because he thought that was what I was asking for, or does this salon actually have two stylist who can't tell when hair is uneven?

Needless to say I won't be going back to this salon. I'm tempted to just go to the mall and walk around talking to stylist until I find someone who can look at my hair and identify the problem on their own. That way I know they at least have an eye for even hair. It's either that or have hubby try to even it out and just cross my fingers that the next salon and stylist I randomly choose can do a better job. 

I feel like a magnet for incompetence. I don't encounter many people in my life since I don't work but everyone on the small list of professionals I count on to perform tasks for me is screwing up in big way. The doctors, the mail order pharmacy, the dog groomer who trims Gypsy's nails and now my hair stylist. I can feel a measure of cynicism taking hold. 

I used to be such a trusting person.  Is it me?


  1. It's not you. This happens to me all the time. My stylist went on maternity leave so another stylist cut my hair twice while she was away - even length on both sides. I think my stylist has one leg shorter than the other, or something....:)

  2. it is clearly uneven. I can see that and I am not a hair stylist. Oh my. I sure hope it gets fixed nicely for you.