Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Adjusting Meds

I met with my neuro today. I was a bit nervous going in since things changed so much since my trip to Minnesota. It took a bit to get caught up and even as I was talking about the changes in my migraines over the past 3 weeks or so I was noticing even more had changed than what I was thinking.

The first several days of January were kinda rough but I also was dealing with period stuff then. I'm having headaches often before bed but am so drowsy from the Amatriptalyn and Bachlofen I take before hand, I'm getting great sleep and waking up feeling okay. As my nausea has diminished in the past few weeks my appetite has been better. I had forgotten what it felt like to really enjoy a meal. The only downside has been the extraordinary drying effect in my mouth. I bought some Biotene mouthwash and have even been chewing gum (which isn't good for my TMJ) to manage the dryness. These tactics are not making a big enough impact.

My doc suggested that I dial down the dosage of the Amatriptalyn because having such a dry mouth isn't good. I don't feel great about doing this because of the positive impact this new strategy has begun to have on my migraines and, more importantly, on my quality of life. At the same time I don't want to lose my teeth because I can't maintain a healthy environment in my mouth. I got to thinking on the way home that instead of dialing back on the Amatriptalyn I would instead dial back and stop taking the Bachlofen and also see about getting more Biotene products, such as the toothpaste and mouth spray. Maybe if I do those things I can keep my present prevention dose where it is. Dr. Garza (the Mayo doc) was pretty clear about needing the higher dose for the drug to do what it needs to. I wish I could have discussed it with the neuro doc here but my brain isn't that quick. Oh well. I feel competent enough to try this on my own.


  1. Woo Hoo! Glad something is helping - too bad about the dry mouth....

  2. Try sugar free life savers. I keep the Wintergreen Lifesavers (sugar free) in my purse. I hack like crazy when my throat gets dry, and these help keep the hack away.

  3. Good luck! I hope that what you try works really well!