Monday, January 10, 2011

Feeling Wainky

I think I ate something kinda funky on Sunday morning. My husband and I went out to breakfast, which is my absolute favorite meal to eat out because I love breakfast foods but get so grossed out by raw eggs that I can't eat the ones I prepare. I ended up indulging in a wonderful piece of french toast, some scrambled eggs and hash browns - yum!

About 4 hours later I started feeling very wainky and ended up cleaning my system pretty thoroughly and generally felt bad for the rest of the night. This morning I'm very hungry but still don't feel very good. I'm slowly trying to take in some food but all this wainkiness is hard on the head.
I just realized this morning that I forgot to get my new safety inspection on my car. My car sticker shows that my last inspection expired at the end of December and so I needed to get another one. I mean ti t do it last week and don't feel up to it today. One would think as long as I'm not driving around there is nothing to worry about. But there is a cop who likes to walk around the parking lot of our apartment complex and write tickets for all kinds of plate, sticker and car issues. To me that's like getting a ticket in your driveway - it's just not right.
Hopefully she won't be by today. If I don't feel better by this afternoon I'll go first thing tomorrow morning.


  1. there are a couple of flus/colds going around - hope you don't have one!!!

  2. Breakfast is also my fav meal...although I rarely eat it! Love pancakes for dinner though...and the boys think that's the greatest thing ever!

    Ok...never heard the word "wainky"...but assuming it means feeling pretty shitty! is up with getting tickets on your parked car at your house! That's bullshit and it is EXACTLY like getting a ticket in your driveway...and should be illegal! Tell the bitch you've been sick & unable to drive your car for the past month! That fires me up!

  3. Winny - yeah I hope not too. I'm sort of counting on feeling better tomorrow.

    Jessica - I don't think wainky is actually a word but I use it anyway :) You're correct on the meaning :)
    I'm glad you agree about the ticket. Not only is it wrong to get a ticket at home, but this should be, and might be, a secondary offense. Like if you get pulled over for speeding and your inspection has expired you can get a ticket for that too. These inspections make me mad anyway...we have to pay for a safety inspection, an emmisions inspection, and we get taxed on our vehicles yearly too. I paid all the tax when I bought the car - why do I have to continue to pay tax on it? And they get to decide what the value of the vehicle is that they tax. It isn't based on the actual value. I grew up in a state where none of this happens so it is a tough adjustment.