Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Lovely Idea

By now you all know how much I love watching things instantly on Netflix but I never imagined it would spark an idea. Just to pass some time I started watching Pawn Stars, a reality show centered around a family owned pawn shop in LasVegas.
The owners and customers are colorful people who are interesting to watch but what's most interesting is the stuff that comes through their doors. People bring all kinds of really cool old stuff, or sometimes stuff they think is really old and valuable but isn't.

The knowledge base that these guy on the show have is incredible. They know something about almost everything, no matter how random it may be. Sometimes they know enough to know they don't know for sure if something is real or not so they have experts who will come in and talk about the items and educate us all about the difference between real and replica.

I've always been drawn to antiques. I could spend all day walking around a big antique mall - I don't really care for the really high end stores where everything is $1000 or more. Instead I love to rummage through the packed cubbie areas sellers have set up in a big mall. I love the way antiques smell plus you never know when you'll come across something really cool and inexpensive. And even if you don't, you will always get the pleasure of looking at and touching all kinds of really cool stuff.

In the days since I ran out of episodes to Pawn Stars to watch I've been wondering if I could translate my love of antiques into a career. Assuming I get to feeling better of course. I've started thinking about what kinds of jobs work with antiques besides pawn shop as that is not work I could do. These antique stores usually seem to be manned with people who have a cubbie of stuff within the store. So there are people who go to garage sales and such to obtain cool stuff, maybe clean it up and then put together a cubbie to sell the stuff. And there must be jobs in auction houses and such too. That' s all I came up with. Am I missing something here or are there just not many jobs in antiques?

It may just be a dream but it would be wonderful if I could find a way to make some money doing something I really love. Dreams are lovely, especially on days like today when I'm fighting a migraine.


  1. You have thought of a great type of career - creative, adventuresome, able to miss time because you don't feel well, something you love!!! I enjoyed the British series where they go through a house and appraise things and sell them to get money to do a project. Not sure if it still is on, but it really showed how dealers think!

  2. Hi! I love Pawn Stars, too! Great show. You may also like...Pickers on TLC, and Studio63. Netflix may have these now, I haven't checked.

    Pickers is a couple of guys Mike and Frank, who go around the US looking for junky old places to "pick" through to find old collectibles and valubles to resell. Their office gal finds most of their picks for them, and she is way cool.

    Studio63 is about an auction house. They have a pretty cool group,too. I think the gal on the show is kind of loud mouthed, but I still like the show.

    Etsy has Vintage! Have you thought of opening a vintage shop online? Go check it out. You may be interested!
    <3 Della

  3. Love that show and love antiques! My dream is to someday own a store! Right now I'm into vintage jars!

    Another fun show is American Pickers!

  4. Try watching Auction Hunters or Storage Wars. Its about people who buy the contents of storage units and resell it.

  5. Thanks for the great recommendations! I'm going to check out these other shows too. I was thinking the same thing you were Winny about this being something I could do at my own pace to make some money.