Thursday, January 26, 2012

Can't Stand It

Let's face it, most commercials suck. They are usually louder than whatever program you're watching and they are an unwelcome interruption to your entertainment. Most of what is being advertised is crap we don't need and don't want but the companies are certainly trying their best to make you think we do. Most of them are filled with lies and distortions. BUT on the other hand this advertising revenue does help to bring us some of the wonderful programming we enjoy so much. I get that it's a necessary evil.

What I find absolutely unacceptable are the commercials with the loud, continuous, annoying sounds. Surely you've seen these, like the Geico commercial with the squeeling pig:

Or the new JCP commercial where women are just screaming "NOOOOOO!" the entire time:

Can't stand these!!! How did these companies decide that this was a good idea? Making me angry and annoyed isn't the way to lure me into being a customer. Do they annoy you too?


  1. I SO HEAR YOU!!! I have to mute the TV for these 2 commercials, specifically. My husband knows to mute it, if he happens to have the remote. I can't stand them! I don't know who decided these were good ideas, but I can't even imagine the healthy me dealing well with these.

  2. Yes they totally bother me. Not only are they loud, they are rather dumb.


  3. I almost never watch tv in real time anymore to avoid just this situation.