Tuesday, January 17, 2012

HD Lament

Still sick. Other than my dog duties I've spent the day watching TV and movies. My sister-in-law has a huge flat screen HD TV, which I'm finding is much different from our old TVs at home. I don't notice it much when just watching regular TV shows but when a movie is on, oh boy, what a difference.

Maybe you have one or have spent time watching one of these HD TVs and know what I mean.

My husband and I have found it difficult to put it into words, I still don't know that I can but will try. It is like the picture is just so clear that you almost feel like you're present during the filming. You see the camera movement more, you see more realistic details of the people, costume and sets. It's not like our picture at home is unclear, but it allows the viewer to see the picture through the glass of the TV, adding an element of glamorous separation.

I know we're supposed to prefer the HD but I just don't. I like the romance of the separation.

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