Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Lost Meds

Since my appointment in mid-December with my new migraine doc I've increased the dose of one of my meds and started taking a whole bunch of B2 and Magnesium. I'm not crazy about taking all these pills daily but, obviously, I'm willing to try about anything to get these migraines under control.

The two weeks since this change started has been a real challenge for my foggy migraine/fibro brain. I find myself thinking about taking my medicine, trying to ensure that I remember to take it and then forgetting if I took it or just thought about taking it. It used to be I would take my pills before bed but now I'm taking them throughout the day so whenever I need to do anything out of the ordinary, which happened a lot over the holidays, the entire system seemed to fall apart.

Time to get a pill organizer. Once I did, I realized that I was getting close to running out of one of my meds so I went to my stash of pills to grab the new bottle that was just refilled on the 23rd of Dec. But it wasn't there. I checked everywhere I could think to check, looking high and low. It's gone and the pharmacy was going to be closed until this morning.

I've never in my life seriously lost one of my prescriptions. I want to blame it on the holiday craziness but I don't even know if that's it. Whatever the cause I think it time to get a little more organized so this doesn't happen again.

Have you ever completely lost a prescription before?

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  1. I have been using a pill reminder box for about 4 years, and no I haven't ever lost an entire scrip. That really sucks, and I hope you remember where you put it, or it turns up. Brain fog messes with me, too...hence the reason for the pill box, and always keeping my pills, car keys, and anything really important in a certain place.