Friday, March 23, 2012

Dreaded Taxes

Normally I look forward to my weekends because no matter what is going on at least my husband is off work and we can spend more time together. This weekend is the one weekend each year I sort of dread - for this is the weekend we're going to do our taxes.

Doing taxes always puts me in such a bad mood.

This year promises to be a little more complicated because we lived in Virginia the first half of the year and in Missouri the second half. Between moving and my medical expenses I'm hoping we'll get some return, but one never knows.

Topping it off is an earlier than normal appointment first thing Monday morning. I'm moving SO SLOW these days I won't be able to shower before. I hate going anywhere without a shower but I need to go to the appointment to get my refills...such is life.

This is sort of a negative post so let me end on a high note - it's been a little cooler and cloudy the past couple days. I love weather like this :)

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