Monday, March 26, 2012

Just Do It

For four months now I've been avoiding making my yearly female check up appointment. My primary doc gave me the name of someone she recommends and I've fully intended to make that appointment, it just hasn't happened. I've never done this before. I've never avoided taking care of my business like this.

While I'm not entirely sure why I've done this I do have a couple theories. Part of me is pretty darn sick and tired of going to doctor appointments, taking pills, being poked, etc. Another part of me has a pretty sour taste in my mouth from my previous OB/GYN doc. Another part of me just feels so overwhelmed right now by fatigue and everything else that's been going on with my migraines and fibro.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...

Enough with the excuses. I need to just do it. It won't take much time. It won't hurt. It isn't a big deal. And when the appointment arrives I'll go and deal with it just fine.

Have you ever done this?


  1. um yeah, I've done this. I haven't seen my ob/gyn since 2008. He's a great doctor, but I am sick of doctors offices.

  2. Yes, I too have put off tests in the interest of "not wanting to and not liking it anyway".

  3. Yup. Mine's coming up in May. I always figure it could be worse, I could be male and awaiting the necessary but uncomfortable (or so I'm told) prostate exam.