Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Migraine Theme Song #NMAM #NMAMBC

When I think of a theme song, I think of something upbeat and positive, something inspiring and hopeful, yet rooted in truth. Perhaps because of all the Ally McBeal I watched back in the day. 

Trying to find a theme song for migraines has been a lot of fun. I considered some Bijork, Madonna, Beatles and Brian Adams but none were quite right. I ended up choosing the first song that came to mind when I started thinking about it: George Harrison's "Got My Mind Set On You." 

Some of you may remember this late '80s hit by the former Beatle. As much as I love the song, the video is just as much a part of why I chose this as my migraine theme song. Take a look at this great video while keeping in mind that "you" is perhaps the migraines.

I've always thought this was a fun video and a fun song. I love the crazy set with all the dancing props and pets. And when I watched it in the context of migraines I felt like it really hit the nail on the head. I often feel like my head is like that set where things are kinda crazy and don't make sense. The often repeated lyrics about "IT" taking a whole lot of spending money and precious time to get it right - well I think we can all attest to how much time and money it takes to try to manage our migraines.

Best of all, it makes me smile. It's a positive and hopeful, catchy and fun.

What do you think - does it fit?

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